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Cruising Northern Europe, I found myself making a weekly stop in the fantastic city of Bergen Norway. I have to say, Bergen is my favorite stop in Norway. There is such a cool, arty vibe to the city with its easy, walkable streets, famous fish market and the fact that its set in the beautiful mountains surrounding it. Of my Norway cruise stops of Oslo, Stavanger, Geiranger and Bergen, I always loved Bergen.

Bergen Norway

Bergen presents a very easy walk directly into some charming areas. Most likely you’ll be docking at the Skolton, Vagen Harbor area. Just across the road is one of the oldest, best preserved castles in all of Norway: The Bergenhus Fortress. This fortress dates back as far as the 1240’s!

The Bergenhus Fortress
The Bergenhus Fortress

Continuing onward along the harbor, just past Bergenhus Fortress, you’ll run into one of the more famous attractions in Bergen: Bryggen is a street featuring many wooden buildings dating from the founding of the city. This row of structures lines the waterfront and houses shops and offices.

No stop to Bergen would be complete without going to the famous fish market! The fish market has been going strong since the early days of the city. Here you can get fresh fish, Norwegian beers or prepared dishes you can eat on the spot.

Don’t miss the fish market for the fresh catch, cooked to order!

There is so much more to see in Bergen and in Norway in general. Stay tuned as I dive deeper into the culture of Norway!

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