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Kiel Germany, located on the northern coast and 50 miles north of Hamburg, is a major port for cruise ships, cargo ships as well as the largest sailing event in the world – Kiel week!

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Kiel Germany

My cruise ship was based in Kiel for an entire summer. Every Saturday we would be docked here and I had the chance to really explore this port town.  A very easy walk to some great shopping, traditional German beer halls, amazing architecture and street vendors selling brats made my time in Germany extremely enjoyable. I would often walk the pedestrian shopping street on my way to the mall.

Kiel Germany

Inside the mall seeking deals on clothes and other essentials was always easy. Kiel is clean and safe. Before long I would be heading to my favorite cafe. With great free and strong wifi, a large selection of lunch items and tasty coffee, Cup and Chino was my spot to catch up on some internet time, Skype with family back home and just chill and watch the people stroll by on a Saturday afternoon. Pure bliss!

Kiel Germany

In true German fashion, street vendors selling all kinds of bratwurst, wieners and kabobs! Grab one of these for the full German experience! Then head over to the closest beer hall for a pint.

Kiel Germany
Kiel Germany

Kiel has some attractions you’ll see if you’re just out for a stroll – The Kiel Opera and Theatre is a building you won’t miss. With its towering spire and clock jutting into the sky, it can be seen from a number of different locations.

Kiel Germany

Kiel Germany
Keil Germany
Gotta love Germany!

Auf Wiedersehen Germany – until next time!

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