Dover England – More Than White Cliffs and Castles

Dover England, located along the Southern Coast and just 20 miles from France, with its spectacular white cliffs jutting up from the blue ocean, propping up the magnificent and historic Dover Castle. True to England, it was a chilly and dreary day out. Slightly rainy, which made it all the more charming.

Dover England
Center map
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I stopped in for a pint at the Prince Albert pub. I JUST HAD to stop in to THIS particular pub based on the name alone. If you don’t know what a “prince albert” is, well, I’ll leave it to you to look it up. Luckily I found nothing aside from a charming British pub!

Dover England
Dover England
Castle Street Dover England
Dover Castle looking down upon Castle Street

Although Dover is famous for both its white cliffs and the Dover Castle, both of those are the subject of another post. There are plenty of sights just strolling the town.

St Marys Parish, Dover England
St Marys Parish, Dover England
Market Square Dover
Market Square fountain with Dover Castle perched on the hilltop
The Dover Harbour
White Cliffs of Dover
The Famous White Cliffs of Dover

So long Dover, I’ll be back to further explore your famous white cliffs and Dover Castle!

White Cliffs of Dover
Checking out the White Cliffs

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