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Malaga Spain, located in Southern Spain, is one of the oldest cities in the world! Its history goes back about 2800 years. WOW! Boasting history, art, culture and a tropical climate, Malaga is easily one of my favorite cities in Spain. The port of Malaga has been operating continuously since around 600 BC and is one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean Sea. Its a beautiful port lined with waterside cafes and expensive yachts.

Malaga has all of this even before I mention that Pablo Picasso was born here.


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Cathedral of Malaga

Arriving via cruise ship, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful beach and its famous “La Farola” lighthouse, built in 1817. As tempting as it is to check out this beach, keep going into the harbor. Take it in as you eye expensive yachts and chic waterside restaurants. This port is the oldest continuously operating ports in Spain. One of the oldest in the Mediterranean.

La Farola Lighthouse
Malagueta Beach and the La Farola Lighthouse
Malaga Spain – Ancient buildings line the harbor
Malaga Spain
Malaga Spain

Much of the city center features pedestrian friendly walking areas. Clean paths invite you to browse the shops or cafes that line the tiled walkways. I always found my way to Cafe de Autor for coffee and free wifi. I could practice my Spanish while ordering and sit outside and take in the European vibe.

Malaga Spain
Malaga Spain
Malaga Spain

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